Product information

Connectable Detectors

Detectors are available for different gases and different ranges.

  • MP-Series is specifically designed for MPU.
  • Transmitters with 0...10V or 4...20mA output.
  • It's only allowed to connect detectors with a total power consumption of 10W at the MPU. Overload can damage the unit.


  • Input for external battery back-up (UPS).
  • Can be ordered with custom pre-set alarm levels for the specific gas type.


  • Microprocessor controlled unit for two, four and six detectors
  • LED operation indicator per individual channel
  • Three adjustable alarm thresholds for each individual channel
  • Alarm delay, selectable in four steps
  • Relay outputs for A, B, C and fault alarm, 230V / 5A
  • Manual or automatic alarm reset
  • Test terminal for service tools
  • Service mode for temporary blocking of alarm
  • Built-in self-test feature
  • Built-in buzzer
  • Fail-safe function with built-in monitoring and power failure alarm
  • 24V DC / 150mA output for siren or flashing light


Safety of crew members - round the clock monitoring and alarm. Alerts ship crew in case of emergency. Cost-saving - Minimise refrigerant loss and reduce operating costs. Time-saving - Product and spares can be delivered together with other marine products from WSS. Regulatory compliance - Complies with major regulatory bodies such as F-gas Regulation, EPA, Marpol Annex VI, LR ECO Class notation and ABS ES Notation. Environmentally Friendly - Enables early detection and minimise the release of harnly GHGs into the atmosphere.