Product information

This product supersedes product no: 655530

The air operated pump has two main parts. One double acting air motor driving and a single acting high pressure pump mechanism. The grease is fed into the pump tube by the piston on the upward stroke and is pushed out through the check valve on the down stroke. The relationship between the areas of the air piston and the pump piston decides the pressure ratio. The pressure ratio is 60:1 and the theoretical static pressure when the pump has stopped is 60 times higher than the air pressure.

The pump is mainly made of an extruded aluminum profile with die-cast aluminum/magnesium alloy top and bottom covers. A stainless steel cover protects the air motor. The 4 meter 3/8" hose has a inner tube of synthetic oil resistant layer. Outer layer is made of durable weather and oil resistand rubber. Reinforced by two braids of compact steel wire.


  • Robust carrying handle which connects dire
  • The fluid section features a double-acting piston design
  • New pump design
  • Reduced weight


  • Easy to carry around and when walking
  • Even and steady flow of grease
  • 30% increase in performance
  • 30% weight reduction