Product information

This pump is designed to operate at low air pressure while delivering a smooth, reliable flow. Model 307 pumps are ideal for transferring a wide variety of fluids. The air motor body is contructed of polypropylene and stainless steel to resist external corrosion. This polypropylene wetted construction model is with Teflon diaphragms and ball checks, suitable for most chemicals including acids and caustic fluids.

Typical applications

  • Sampling and testing
  • Drum transfer for fluids up to 1000 centipoise
  • Circulation of low viscosity inks, detergents and chemicals
  • Fluid circulation and evacuation
  • Waste fluid removal
  • On-demand batch chemical metering
  • Low viscosity adhesive supply
  • Consistent low pressure process fluid supply

Typical fluids handled by this pump:

  • Acids: Hydrochloric Sulphuric, Phosphoric
  • Bleach: Sodium Hypochlorite (<12%)
  • Base: Sodium Hydroxide, Ammonia, Hydrogen peroxide, Potassium hydroxide


  • Easy maintenance
  • Fluid compatibility
  • Unique, patented air valves
  • Precision-fitted parts


  • Quick priming and immediate flow of product
  • Handles fluid viscosities up to 5000 cps and solids up to 0.09 in (2.29 mm)
  • Excellent for abrasive, low-to-medium viscosity fluids and shear sensitive materials