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The Unitor 10:1 Hydra-Clean chemical pump is ideal for a majority of fluid handling tasks onboard. Delivered ready to use and includes strainer, hoses, spray gun and nozzle. Pumps are designed to be mounted on an open 200l/55GAL drum by use of a mounting bracket, and flexible suction hose also allows for other installations.

Product information

With correct accessories this unit can apply chemicals vertically up to 12m. Ideal for applying chemicals and detergents onto surface, washing down, general transfer of fluids and chemical injection into pressurised systems, e.g tank cleaning systems.

Application areas

  • Applying chemicals and detergent onto surface
  • Washing down
  • General transfer of fluids
  • Injection of chemicals into pressurised system, e.g. tank cleaning systems


  • Supplied ready for use including lubricator, hoses, spray gun and nozzle
  • Stainless steel construction (AISI 304) with chemical resistant packings
  • Can be used with cold or hot water up to 95 degrees Celsius
  • Typical fluids handled: cold water, hot water (up to 95 deg C.), detergent solutions, chemical solutions


  • Fits all open head universal drums
  • Air driven motors enable use in explosion classified areas


Directions for use

Please note that this unit is not suitable for handling concentrated aggressive and corrosive fluids. For detailed chemical compatibility, please contact WSS Customer Services.