Product information

This product supersedes product no: 637306

This unit has been developed as an easy to use and economical alternative to the 10:1 Hydra Clean and is supplied ready to use with a hose, gun and drum fittings. The unit is designed to be mounted in a 200 L/55Gal drum. With the correct accessories this unit can apply chemicals vertically up to 10 m.

10 meter hose with long reach lance is included with the pump.


  • Fits in any standard 200 L drum
  • Supplied ready to use
  • Pre-lubricated air motor, has no need for an air lubricator


  • Very low noise emission enables use onboard cruise or passenger vessels



Directions for use

Please note that this unit is not suitable for handling concentrated aggressive and corrosive fluids. For detailed chemical compatibility, please contact WSS Customer Services.

Supplied with 10 meter hose. The hose is resistant for lighter chemicals only. Hose cover: Heat and ozone resistant rubber (EPDM) Inner tube: Heat resistant rubber (EPDM) Reinforcement: Synthetic textile Operating temp: -40C -> + 100C Safety factor: 4:1