Product information


  • Ensures that the evaporator works at maximum efficiency by keeping heat transfer surfaces free of scale
  • The antifoaming properties ensure that distillate quality is high as carry over is eliminated
  • Will gradually remove existing scale when dosed at twice the normal rate
  • Concentrated, safe liquid, easy and economical dosing


  • Reduces downtime and maintenance



  • NSF International Certifies that this product conforms to the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 60 - Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects. Maximum use level according to NSF approval: 30 mg/lit.
  • Approved by The Norwegian Food Safety Authority

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

The specially selected polymers in NALFLEET™ Vaptreat combined with the potential scale forming salts in the brine to prevent them from adhering to heat transfer surfaces. These solids are held in suspension and removed with the evaporator brine.

The operating efficiency of the plant is maintained for maximum water production. The intervals between cleaning are greatly increased.

The product to use for acid cleaning is Descalex, which will remove old scale prior to treatment with NALFLEET™ Vaptreat.

Evaporators have a tendency to produce foam while operating - the defoaming properties of NALFLEET™ Vaptreat will stop this foaming and carry-over will be eliminated. Distilled water quality is maintained.

Dosing method
The standard dosage, applicable to the majority of systems, is 15-30 ml of NALFLEET™ Vaptreat per ton of distillate produced. This is based on the rated production capacity of the evaporator.

Example: In a 25 ton/day evaporator. Treatment used = 25 x 30 ml = 750 ml of NALFLEET™ Vaptreat per day.

Setting the Flow Rate
The treatment is added to the dosage tank and mixed with water. Example: With the 0.75 litres of NALFLEET™ Vaptreat add sufficient water to make up 50 litres of liquid.

Flow rate calculation:
Flowrate = 50 Litres/24 x 60= 35 ml/min setting This will last 24 hours.

A metering pump can also be supplied for use with NALFLEET™ Vaptreat if required.

N.B. The brine density should not exceed 1.038 g/cm3. The scaling potential increases rapidly over this level. An increase in the amount of NALFLEET™ Vaptreat used will assist in retaining potential scale forming salts in suspension.

For example: If the density rises to 1.050 g/cm3 the dosage should be 60 ml/ton of rated capacity.