Product information

This product supersedes product no: 777709

Autotreat combines well-known phosphate treatment with new polymer technology. This ensures that precipitates are kept soft and non-adherent for easy removal by blowdown.


  • Liquid boiler water treatment chemical for simplified dosing and handling
  • Suitable for all boilers, up to 30 bar pressure
  • Contains volatile amines to neutralise acids occurring in condensate system
  • Dispersant action suspends sludge and sediment particles for efficient removal by blowdown
  • Keeps boiler tube surfaces clean, promoting the best heat transfer conditions
  • Simple testing to determine treatment level


  • Multifunctional boiler water treatment
  • Prevents scaling and corrosion, increasing system life and reliability


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

NALFLEET™ Autotreat is a boiler water conditioner designed for optimum protection of ships boiler systems when used in conjunction with an oxygen scavenger. The product combines well known phosphate treatment with new polymer technology. This ensures that precipitates are kept soft and nonadherent for easy removal by blowdown. The product should always be used in conjunction with an oxygen scavenger, preferably NALFLEET™ Oxygen Scavenger Plus. Note that this product is formulated for use in conjunction with good quality feed water.

Dosing method

The product should preferably be dosed continuously with an automatic dosing unit. Alternatively the product can be fed into the feed line by means of a by-pass pot feeder.

Dosage and control

Initial fill dosage is 2.4 litres of NALFLEET™ Autotreat/ton of boiler capacity to reach a P-Alkalinity level of approx. 200 ppm. For an untreated system it is recommended to initially bring the treatment up to a suitable level of 200 ppm p-Alkalinity. The dosage chart given below is for convenience to determine the amount of product required to elevate P-Alkalinity. Note that the table is based on reaching 200 ppm.










Dose in l/ton








  Blow Down

These are recommended values based on experience, and are in no way intended to replace the boiler manufacturers specifications, or company regulations. Typical control limits are: * P-Alkalinity: 150-300 ppm as CaCO3. * Chlorides: 200 ppm Cl max. * Condensate pH 8.3-9.0. Excessive Chlorides are removed by blowdown.

Sampling and testing

A representative sample of boiler water should be drawn for analysis daily. The sample should always be taken from the same point after blowdown, cooled and tested immediately. Follow the WSS Test Kit instructions and log the results in Waterproof. The results should be sent to WSS as stated in the Waterproof instructions.

It is important that regular testing is carried out to ensure that treatment levels are correct.