Product information

This product supersedes product no: 775395

Will also reduce loss of chlorine to sunlight and lowers pH levels. Approximately 125 tablets per drum. (200g/tablet). Pool Power 90 can be used to treat effluent water systems.

The product is NOT to be used for Potable Water.


  • Tablet form
  • Slow dissolving


  • Controlled chlorine release
  • Long shelf life


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

Each tablet weighs 200g and has 90% available chlorine release agent which in turn is 45% available chlorine = 80g.

Start by adding 1 tablet per 5m3 of system volume, wait a couple of hours then test for free chlorine. Repeat until the required free chlorine level is achieved. Typically 1 - 2mg/l Free Chlorine.