Product information

Cooltreat ELC offers protection for all commonly used materials in engine cooling water systems, including ferrous and copper alloys and aluminium. Based on aliphatic acid technology, Cooltreat ELC is free of nitrite and silicate ingredients.


  • Provides corrosion and anti-freeze protection
  • Environmentally friendly, fully organic product, low toxicity
  • Effective protection against cavitation and erosion.
  • Compatible with hoses, gaskets and seals
  • Long life product (up to 5 years in closed cooling systems)


  • The product can be used for corrosion inhibition in many types of closed re-circulation system (examples: Diesel engine/Compressor/Centralised Hot water heating systems/Auxiliary machinery cooling water systems



Approved by all major engine manufacturers

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

Cooltreat ELC provides long-life, anti-freeze and corrosion protection. To ensure good corrosion protection it is recommended to use at least 33 vol. % of Cooltreat ELC in the coolant solution. This provides ant-freeze protection to -20°C. Typical mixtures in Northern Europe are 50/50, offering anti-freeze protection down to -40°C. Mixtures with more than 70 vol. % Cooltreat ELC in water are not recommended.
The maximum ant-freeze protection (around -69°C) is obtained at 68 vol. % Cooltreat ELC.
For optimal performance and controlled quality, we recommend the use of deionised or distilled water to prepare your required dilutions.

Cooltreat ELC Vol. %






Technical Water Vol. %






Freeze Protection (°C)






Cooltreat ELC is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor for all common metals in cooling water systems. Testing has shown no detrimental effects on non metallic substances such as seals, glands, packing, hoses, gaskets etc., normally used in these systems. Cooltreat ELC forms a thin and durable layer of protective molecules to the metal surfaces. This technology prevents the continuous build-up of insulating layers on heat transfer surfaces. For new builds, Wilhelmsen Ships Service recommends cleaning of the water system before commencing service. The system will always contain small amounts of oil and iron oxides, and this can be removed in one operation with UNITOR™ Commissioning Cleaner. If the system is corroded or is more heavily contaminated, degreasing with UNITOR™ Seaclean Plus followed by acid cleaning, with UNITOR™ Descalex for removal of metal oxides or scale is recommended. For systems previously treated with other products, Wilhelmsen Ships Service recommend to drain and flush the system before refilling with the required mixture of distilled water and Cooltreat ELC. The system should be clean and free from scale and corrosion products when starting the treatment.