Product information

Hydrazine reacts with oxygen, acting as a scavenger. The reaction results in nitrogen and water with no solids being added to the boiler system. Some of the hydrazine will carry over with the steam, aiding in maintaining the condensate pH in an alkaline range, which thereby helps combat acid formation. Hydrazine will also form magnetite which will act as a protective layer against further corrosion. SPECTRAPAK 312 Boiler Water Test Kit, Hydrazine ORDER CODE: EDP 555490 Photometer 312 HYDRAZINE (PPM N2 H4) This is an option to the Spectrapak 311 and 315. This test must be performed below 21°C. A cooling coil should be fitted at the sampling point or the sample should be cooled immediately under cold running water. Cloudy samples should be filtered before testing.

Supplied with

1 x Hydrazine Comparator Disc, 1 x Hydrazine Powder Pot, 1 x Measuring Scoop.


  • Compact, portable test kit
  • Test method included in the kit


  • Helps to protect your boiler system against oxygen corrosion