Product information

This product supersedes product no: 698954

Controlling dissolved oxygen in boiler feed water and boiler water is important to avoid pitting corrosion in boiler systems. Oxygen Scavenger Plus contains DEHA, a low toxicity oxygen scavenger that is distributed throughout the boiler system. Dosage level of Oxygen Scavenger Plus is based on the DEHA value measured in the condensate water.

Supplied with

Instruction Sheet, 1 x DEHA Checkit Comparator Disc, 1 x Checkit Comparator, 2 x DEHA Test Solution 65ml, 2 x DEHA Test Tablets pk.100, 1 x 30ml Amber Bottle, 1 x DO Bottle, 1 x Pipette 0.1 to 0.5ml, 1 x Rubber Teat and Cap, 2 x Checkit Test Cell


  • Compact portable test kit
  • Test method included in the kit
  • Includes accessories listed below


  • Helps you to control corrosion in you steam boiler system