Product information

General purpose medium double-sided with triphenyltetrazolium chloride: red colouration when reacting with living cells facilitates counting. The dipslide allows convenient enumeration of aerobic microorganisms (TVC). The dipslide is prepared with nutrient TTC agar on both sides and is used for general purpose cultivation of organisms which can be obtained from surfaces, fluids or the air. The additive in the nutrient agar reacts with enzymes produced in aerobic respiration to produce a colour change from white to red, allowing easy enumeration Finally, the media is produced to meet ISO 11133

Test Parameter: Bacteria Supplied as a box of 10pcs


  • Easy 3 step procedure; dip in fluid, incubate and read results
  • Large surface area of 11.5 cm2 for high sensitivity
  • Effective contact area of 10 cm2 for easy calculation in surface testing
  • Incubate at 27 to 30° C for 24-48 hours for detection of bacteria


  • Convenient and cost effective on-site testing which faciliated on board testing
  • High sensitivity to detech early signs of corrosion or contamination, reducing equipment breakdown and downtime