Product information

This product supersedes product no: 773154

Unitorâ„¢ Combined Oil Test Kit is our 5 in 1 test kit that offers a range of tests focused mainly on the lubricating oil and engine oil.

The tests include parameters such as:

  1. Water in Oil
  2. TBN
  3. Insolubles
  4. Salt water determination 5 Viscosity comparison

It provides the capability to test for water in oil, both in fuel and in lubricating oil, you can of course also test for total base number (TBN) to understand the level of TBN in operation and if there are opportunities to optimize the feed rates.

To make sure the engine oil is in good condition the amount of insolubles can be tested with a simple and straight forward test and if water is discovered it can be tested for salt content to help understand where the water may come from and what actions needs to be taken. Finally a simple viscosity comparator is part of the test kit where new and used lubricating oils can be tested and compared for viscosity.

Unitorâ„¢ Digital Cell provides a refreshed, but familiar, interface with the addition of smart features to enhance the user experience. You can easily set up sample points and transferred results to the computer. The unit is also chargeable and is capable of showing the number of tests available before charging is needed.


  • USB-rechargeable battery with indication of tests remaining before charge
  • All necessary reagents and consumables
  • Practical and clear instructions provide guidance and interpretations of test results for the complete range of tests


  • Fast, accurate and reliable oil test results
  • Multiple oil parameters in an easy to use, portable oil analysis kit
  • Make informed on-site maintenance decisions
  • Act before the onset of critical failure
  • Robust and reliable for use in harsh or remote environments


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)