Product information

The WSS Combined Test Kit Plus enables on-site assessment of lubricant or engine oil quality. It equips engineers to monitor machinery conditions effectively, offering reliable performance assessment without requiring a professional lab. The kit’s enhanced features ensure accuracy and usability, testing crucial parameters like water content, base number, viscosity, salt content, and insoluble contaminants.

Key parameters include: • Water-in-Oil Test (also suitable for all kind of fuels) • Base Number Test - alkalinity reserve of engine oils • Viscosity Test – comparison of fresh and used oil • Salt Test – understanding nature of water ingress into fuel or lube • Insoluble Test – determines the contamination of dispergant additives


  • Sensor Shaking process status bar
  • Faster Reaction time - 90s (TBN)/ 2 mins (Water in Oil)
  • Compatible reagents
  • Direct Data Transfer (no additional software)
  • Replacement and rechargeable battery


  • Clear Indication of reaction completion that allows consistent reaction process for repeatable and accurate measurement
  • Reduced testing time, improving testing productivity and efficiency of the crew
  • Provide the flexibility of supporting new and existing test kits, allowing customers phase in the changes seamlessly
  • Direct and self replacement of battery


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)