Product information

This product supersedes product no: L777544, 777544

If you need to check your distillate fuel for microbial contamination then Unitorâ„¢ Bacteria Test is ideal. Unitorâ„¢ Bacteria Test detects the microorganisms which grow in marine oil. It is a rapid, accurate on site test for fuel contamination which requires no special facilities, equipment or skills All that is required to conduct a test is a 15 mL sample of water from the tank to be tested or a 200 mL sample of fuel and water if less than 15 mL of water is available.

Package contain:

  • Test paddle
  • Sample extraction bottle
  • Pipette and desiccant
  • Instuction leaflet


  • Only rapid onsite test with zero capital investment
  • Only rapid test kit with zero set up time
  • Fast, accurate and easy to read results
  • Distinguishes between type of organism
  • No false positives or negatives


  • Helps you minimize the cost of managing your fuel
  • Enables you to identify a contaminated fuel
  • No risk of false positives


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)