Product information

Unitor™ Aquafilter System Starter Pack is a comprehensive and compact water purification system designed to improve portable drinking water on board vessels for crew. Unitor™ Aquafilter System improves both the quality and taste of a vessel's potable water supply, creating a safer, healthier, and more desirable drinking water for consumption by the crew and at the same time greatly reduce the consumption of single use plastic water bottles. System is of low maintenance and is a great sustainable solution to reduce plastic consumption that ends up in oceans and landfills.


  • Complete with Mineralizer: adds essential minerals to the purified water and give better taste & maintains PH.
  • Uses BACINIX™ nanosilver technology, enhancing protection against microbiological growth in the cartridge and a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water.
  • Good for use for at least 6 months usage/consumption *
  • Supplied with single modern chrome plated faucet
  • Pre filter housing: design in combination with two O-rings (one inside filter head and second on the edge of filter sump), ensures maximum leak proof performance.

* depending on the incoming quality of water on board, filter usage, and level of contamination from influent water.


  • Provides crew clean & safe drinking water at your convenience any time
  • Reduces single use plastic water bottles problems: disposal costs, procurement, storage and transport
  • Sustainable: No to plastic bottles anymore
  • Enhanced with mineralizer: provides essential minerals the body needs
  • Easy to install , operate and change filter cartridges
  • Fuss free: Tankless, compact and Zero maintenance