Product information

Consists of:

  • 6 pieces pre filter cartridges: melt-blown polypropylene cartridges. The construction of this pure polypropylene, surfactant-free depth filter ensures low pressure drops, with exceptional dirt holding capabilities.
  • 1 set of 5-piece main filter cartridges: low micron sediment filter, water softening filter, granular activated carbon filter, Ultrafiltration, mineralizer.


  • Convenient 6 months usage of filter cartridges.
  • Providing a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water
  • No need for any tools to install


  • Excellent sediment absorption of sand, silt, rust and suspended solids from potable water.
  • Stable at wide PH levels
  • Easy to install , operate and change filter cartridges
  • Fuss free: compact and Zero maintenance
  • Suitable for POU (Point of Use) installations.
  • Protects your water stream