Product information

• Automatic Soot Treatment Dosing Unit injects FP Soot Remover Liquid Plus as a fine mist into the Exhaust Gas Chamber

through an injection lance

• Atomization of treatment chemical is air assisted

• Atomized Soot Remover liquid is quickly evaporated and reacts with the unburnt hydrocarbon which is burnt into a dry ash


  • Automatic Dosing of Treatment Chemicals with three modes of operation - Manual, Timer and Automatic
  • Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain and suitable for Marine environment
  • Bunded drum enclosure for spill containment
  • Simple indication of chemical drum replacement
  • No risk from dosage of treatment chemical when the engine is not in operation or at optimum temperature
  • Well organized unit not wasting valuable space onboard


  • Optimized system protection against Soot formation
  • Increase in cleaning interval of Exhaust Gas Boilers
  • Improves Soot blowing operations
  • Reduction in cold corrossion
  • Reduced chemical handling and improved health and safety