Product information

The Biomax consists of four probiotic cleaners which should last for a period of approximately 6 months for a vessel with 15-20 people on board. Dependent on the number of toilets and the general condition of the pipes, etc. the individual need might vary slightly. If additional volumes are needed they can be ordered on the below individual product numbers

Supplied with

  • Gamazyme 700 FN - 12 KG (Product no. 571711)
  • Gamazyme DPC - 8 KG (Product no. 587055)
  • Gamazyme BTC -- 24 L (Product no. 589945)
  • Gamazyme TDS -20 KG (Product no.743146)


  • Standardized globally available solution to keep sewage system in optimal condition
  • Eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals
  • Product usage chart available with dosing instructions


  • Right products for the right application
  • Promotes good practice, no usage of harsh chemicals that are detrimental to the sewage treatment plant
  • Easier budget control: package can last for a long time. Therefore, avoid the cost and time spent on frequent re-ordering

This bundle contains: