Product information


  • Two connection ports to enable charging of liquid and extraction of vapour simultaneously
  • Cylinder supplied under vacuum
  • Cylinder is clearly identified for 'RECOVERY'
  • Comes with a complete documentation kit including transport label following European and American requirements


  • Easy to carry
  • Delivered with filling guideline to protect against over charging
  • Includes transport labels specified by USA DOT (Dept of Transportation) and EU



Product name Product number Connection [Size/ Type] Water capacity [l]
RECOVERY CYL EMPTY 21.6L+DOCUMENTS 596544 1/4" flare SAE 21.6 l - 50lbs
RECOVERY CYL EMPTY 56L+DOCUMENTS 632588 CGA 660 55.8 l - 123lbs


  • Package complies with all US EPA and EC regulations
  • CE - TUV and ARI - UL