Product information


  • Great carrying capacity of 16 standard cylinders inside the rack
  • Two doors and loading ramps for easy loading and unloading of cylinders
  • Safety bar fitted 2/3rds height above centre of gravity for cylinders to secure them during transport
  • Fastening points for straps are present making it possible to safely transport less than 16 or smaller cylinders
  • The rack can be equipped with a IMDG certified manifold for use with inert gases with central outlet
  • Certified wire sling is part of the rack and in some countries, certified chains will be supplied


  • Racks are of the highest quality and in accordance with the strictest standards/regulation.
  • Enabling safe transport of cylinders even in the rough offshore environment.
  • Suitable for offshore lifting and handling of compressed gas cylinders.
  • Easy to handle by fork lift or crane.
  • Racks can be returned free of charge to selected key sites to support operational flexibility.
  • Flexible invoicing scheme to suit your land based organisation's preference.
  • Predictable cost and thus easy to budget.
  • Global operational tracking and tracing system ensures location of individual racks whereabouts.
  • WSS ensures periodic rack inspections and re-certification every 12 and 48 months according to DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079-1



Approval of rack:

  • In accordance with; DNV Standards For Certification No. 2.7-1 Offshore Containers -- June 2013

  • In accordance with; EN 12079-1: 2006 Offshore Containers And Associated Lifting Sets

  • In accordance with; IMO MSC/Circ.860 Guidelines For The App. Of Offshore Containers Handled In Open Sea

  • For the wire rope sling: EN 13414-1 and EN 12079-2

  • Approvals => DNV