Product information

Since the Unitor™ HPC Airclean™ models contain any electric or other ignition items, they are regarded as "cold" and therefore do not need any explosion proof certification. They can thus be be used everywhere in hazardous areas.

The units are widely used by major oil and gas companies as well as on vessel with ex areas.

Supplied with

  • 10 m hose
  • Spray handle
  • Single lance incl. nozzle
  • Air lubricator
  • Exhaust air muffler
  • Air filter
  • Water y-strainer


  • Supplied ready for use including lubricator, hose, air filter, water strainer, handle and lance
  • Lightweight and easy to set up -- can be moved with ease
  • Can be used with hot water, speeding up the cleaning process
  • Simple and robust air motor for easy maintenance and long operating lifeboosters


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Can be used in explosive areas



Product name Product number Height [mm] Length [mm] Weight [kg] Width [mm] Air consumption [m³/min] Air inlet connection [inch] Pump pressure [bar] Ratio Water flow rate [l/min] Water inlet connection [inch] Water oulet connection [inch]
HPC AIRCLEAN 25 734087 540 690 380 2,3 - 4,5 3/4 female 220 25:1 19 3/4 male 3/8 male
HPC AIRCLEAN 32 734095 980 720 32 520 7 3/4 male 350 32:1 24 3/4 female 3/8 male