Product information

This product supersedes product no: 177006

Heavy duty and highly efficient needle scaler for the most demanding applications on board.

**Safety** Before start using this tool make sure you have read and understood the user manual. Make sure you are wearing the correct personal protection equipment. We strongly recommend using hearing protection, eye protection (goggles) and gloves while using the tool.


  • The quality and efficiency of this tool has made the NS-PRO 28 popular in the marine industry
  • This unit removes thick layers of rust and scale hour after hour
  • Can be used with 2mm, 3 mm or 4 mm needles depending on application
  • Spares available i.e., General overhaul kit, Throttle valve overhaul kit and Needle overhaul kit


  • The NS-PRO needle scalers operate without springs. This means no springs to break, no irregular power, and the advantage of low air consumption
  • The needles adjust automatically to operate efficiently on your work piece irrespective of the contours
  • The spare kits simplifiy maintenance and reliable long term use