Rio de Janerio Bunkering - Local Practices and Restrictions

One of the largest bunkering ports in South America, the Rio de Janeiro port has the ideal structure for bunkering operations at berth or inner anchorage area.

Adhering to Safety Restrictions

Usually the Inner Anchorage Area 01 is the designated area for bunkering operation. Since there is a line organized by the local Port Authority for vessels, this mentioned area and entrance for bunkering is conditional on space and Port Authority’s authorization.
For safety reasons, all bunkering operations at Rio de Janeiro need to use the Oil Barrier as soon the bunker barge arrives alongside until bunker barge departs.

Vessels arriving at Rio de Janeiro out roads should wait for instructions regarding pilot time (in case there is no available space at inner anchorage area on arrival)

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    The height of the Presidente Costa e Silva bridge (well known as Rio – Niterói bridge) is 60 meters.

    For vessels arriving with air draft higher than 50 Mtrs it is necessary to apply and get the local authorities authorization 48 hours prior to vessel’s arrival, before crossing under the bridge.

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    Notice to Mariners and Notice to Airmen will be mandatory due the proximity with National AirPort - Santos Dumont;

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    Please be advised that according to Harbor Master regulations, it no longer permits the anchoring of vessel's at Rio de Janeiro Off Port Limits area without authorization from local authorities.


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