Rio de Janerio Bunkering - Port Agency

With our Ships Agents as experts on the ground, we ensure your safety and compliance to local practices and restrictions in Rio De Janeiro for your bunkering port calls.

An Introduction to Rio De Janeiro as a bunkering location

Rio de Janeiro Port has the ideal structure for bunkering operations at berth (Public Port) or inner anchorage area (vessel can call Rio de Janeiro for Bunkering only)

Not only bunkering operations are allowed at inner anchorage area - other services can be performed 24/7 as well, subject to availability of barges: sludge removal, garbage removal, fresh water supply, de-slopping, provisions, spare parts and crew change operations.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has the required expertise to attend bunkering calls, principally at Rio de Janeiro Port. Our Ships Agency team is specialized in these services and are fully capable to provide a smooth and faster attendance for your good lady. 

Bunker Surveys 

Our partners provide highly qualified and experienced surveyors for carrying out bunker surveys during on/off hire vessels and during bunkering operations.

Surveys during bunkering are necessary to ensure that the actual stated quantity mentioned on the bunker delivery receipt is received on board. For your peace of mind, our surveyor assesses the quantity of bunkers of the receiving vessel.

All this occurs before commencement of bunkering and after completion of bunkering.

Creating value for you - above and beyond what happens in port

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    Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS) lump-sum fee

    Our Bunker Quantity Survey lump-sum fee which includes a bunker surveyor, 1x launch services and agency fee

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    No Hidden Charges

    Port and local charges at cost, consisting of no hidden charges, ensuring that you're always in the know

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    Predictable Fees

    Our services are clearly defined and priced at competitive rates

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    Reduced need for Admin and Communication

    We optimize the process, by providing you with updates of local conditions, on vessel movement and loading/discharging progress, freeing up your time

Initial and Departure Formalities