Engine Room Simulator Course - Operational Level (ERSO)

The “ERSO” Engine Room Simulator Operational level course is approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India and is being conducted on Propulsion Plant Trainer (PPT2000) developed by Norcontrol, Norway.
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This programme is developed to impart and hone the watch keeping ability of Marine Engineers who are aspiring to excel in their profession at the Operation level. The Propulsion Plant Trainer is equipped with three different modern models of Main Engine viz. B&W (LMC), Sulzer (RTA) and Pielstick fitted in the UMS Class Engine Room. Thus participants are exposed to the latest sophisticated equipment and technology.

Engine Room systems are started and operated in a systematic manner, in accordance with laid down procedures and safety guidelines.

Theory lectures on operational procedures are followed up by practical exercises on the simulator and candidates are able to monitor the changes in various parameters, something which is practically impossible to do on board the ship.

Course Objective: On completion of the course, the participants will

  • Be familiar with the use of instruments and parameters used in Engine Room of modern merchant ships
  • Develop awareness of the need to follow proper checklist and be familiar with the time durations involved in start up procedures
  • Have a better understanding and awareness of correct watch keeping procedures
  • Develop an understanding of interdependency of various machinery
  • Obtain experience in identifying operational problems and trouble shooting them
  • Improve their decision making abilities with respect to safety and efficient plant operation.
  • Make a safer and more effective contribution to the operation of vessel's machinery installation.
  • Be able to analyze the changes in various parameters and effectively take necessary action to restore normalcy.

Duration: 3 days

Suggested Target Group: It is a mandatory course for all the Engineers aspiring to appear MEO Class IV Examinations. 

Course Contents:

  • Familiarization with the Norcontrol Simulator and associated Automation.
  • Familiarization with Engine Room systems and sub systems.
  • Starting up procedure of various Systems in Engine Room with proper procedures and safety guidelines.
  • Electric power generation and distribution system on board the ship. Parallel operation and load sharing of Aux. Engine in different modes.
  • Starting of the Main Engine from Emergency control stand, Control Room and Bridge.
  • Function of Auto chief and Main Engine load up programme.
  • “Scenarios” - which comprise of the injection of malfunctions at predetermined intervals into the Engine Room systems and participants' response / action and evaluation by the use of evaluation editor.

 These courses are approved by D. G. S. (Govt. of India)