Wilhelmsen Ship Management tightens vendors selection process to reduce plastic usage onboard

Vendors will need to demonstrate a viable plan to reduce plastic usage.
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Singapore, 10 May 2019: Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) enforced a new criteria in their vendor selection process as part of their commitment to make maritime trade sustainable. Vendors supplying spare parts, stores and consumables will be required to demonstrate that they have a viable plan to reduce plastic usage on the products delivered to us. This will apply to all existing and new vendors.

“As a ship manager, we are able to procure at economies of scale and at the same time we own the responsibility to create a sustainable world. We need to consume less plastics in every way we could,” says Carl Schou, President and CEO of Wilhelmsen Ship Management.

WSM has pledged support to UNDP’s Sustainable Goals and is making changes in both business practices and lifestyle to reduce the use of plastics. WSM has earlier launched the #makingadifference campaign for both ship and shore staff to urge everyone to make lifestyle changes and say no to plastics.

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Esther Gan
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Wilhelmsen Ship Management
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