automated boiler water solution

WSS innovation to revolutionise vessel boiler water dosing

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) is countering the threat of vessel boiler failure with an innovation that revolutionises the method, reliability and onshore insight into boiler water treatment.
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The leading global provider of products and services to the shipping industry is launching a first within the market place – a digital, cloud-based, automated boiler water dosing solution.

The device reduces the risk of boiler failure, removes the need for regular, often inaccurate testing by crew, and offers a connectivity that enables on- and offshore data sharing.

“It’s a development we’ve made in response to very clear customer demand,” comments Rune Nygaard, WSS Business Manager, Water. “Boiler failure is an ever-present danger within the market, with repair costs usually amounting to between USD 80,000 and USD 180,000, and that’s before any related vessel downtime has been taken into consideration.

“Vessel crews do the best they can to test water and maintain predictable operations, but the testing can be time-consuming and, in some cases, an afterthought when compared to vessel duties that are seen as more ‘core’ to on-going operations.

“This is a risk that shipowners and operators shouldn’t need to take.”

WSS’s new digital solution works by taking constant readings for boiler water pH, conductivity, temperature and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), before dosing it with two separate chemicals, according to pre-determined limits. This ensures the boiler water is always well maintained and fit for purpose.

“The automation further mitigates risk by correctly managing the chemical dosage, thus negating human error, while ensuring that crew have a much reduced requirement to handle chemicals,” Nygaard explains, adding:

“What’s more the data from the equipment is cloud-based and therefore accessible to key decision makers onshore, giving them a complete overview, and peace of mind, when it comes to boiler dosage throughout their global fleets. In that respect, this really is an industry game-changer.”

The WSS automated boiler water dosing solution has now been thoroughly tested and is being piloted aboard ten vessels for final refinements. Its wider market release is expected imminently.

“Boiler water testing and reliable boiler operation is a key issue for shipowners and managers worldwide,” Nygaard concludes. “So, we’re proud to bring an innovation to the market that tackles an on-going problem, giving our customers the confidence they need to focus their time, resources and crew on other key areas within this demanding, rewarding industry.”

WSS’s innovation is easy to install and suitable for use on all medium to low pressure boilers. The automated boiler water dosing unit is of particular use to vessels with fluctuating steam usage, where correct chemical dosing can be difficult to manage.

WSS markets a broad range of products and services to its customers across the globe, servicing their needs through offices in 75 countries, supporting 2,200 port locations.

automated boiler water solution

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Additional quotes by Rune Nygaard, Business Manager Water, WSS

“The system uses sensors that measure the boiler water conditions and give constant readings for PH, conductivity, temperature and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). These sensors communicate with the command unit which doses the boiler water with two separate chemicals, according to pre-determined limits, ensuring the boiler water is always at the right level.”

“Utilising the digital platform we have been working on for our next generation of marine products, the inbuilt standalone command computer is linked to our digital cloud, so results can be accessed online in real-time. Alerts are also sent to crew onboard and onshore technical departments both by email and text message if levels vary from pre-set parameters”.

“The industry as a whole has been talking about the future of the connected ship and how to use big data for years. The future is now for us. The digital platform we’ve developed, which the automated dosing unit uses, is the base on which we’re building the next generation of solutions.”

“Limiting the need for time consuming and often inaccurate, boiler water testing by the crew, along with greatly reducing the chance of treatment chemicals being handled incorrectly, the WSS dosing system will make boiler failure a thing of the past.”