Kim Jensen

WSS opens distribution hub in Korea

New distribution centre offers improved product lead times for customers in Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Press release | (Updated )

Overlooking Busan New Port in South Korea, Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s newly opened 3000+ square meter warehouse sits on a 6000m2 site and will now take over from Singapore as the company’s distribution hub in North East Asia (NEA).

Steven Leong, WSS Regional Supply Chain Manager, says that having a dedicated distribution centre to supply countries in North East Asia makes perfect business and geographical sense.

“Customers can now benefit from even better lead times and assured information on estimated delivery dates. We chose Korea based on volumes, the easy-to-navigate customs and regulatory framework, as well as the new port area they are building up.”

Kim Jensen, WSS Director adds:“Improving our supply chain means accurate inventories and providing more efficient, transparent and focused interactions with our customers.”

“The new distribution centre is good news for our local NEA customers. But, it also increases our operational efficiency which will positively impact the whole region. This change frees up resources so we can better service our growing customer base across Asia”.