Fuel Quality and Welding Safety in Focus at Posidonia

Introducing its innovative fuel oil treatment range and integrated welding safety products and services at this year’s exhibition, WSS will be providing expert advice on both for the entire duration of the show.
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Engineered to maintain vessel performance and engine efficiency even when slow-steaming or burning low sulphur fuel, WSS‘ Fuel Oil Treatment products have been developed in direct response to these recent significant operational changes. 

Jonas Östlund, Product Marketing Manager from Marine Chemicals division explains.

“Fuel quality is a major problem and it is becoming more complex. Drawing on 30 years of experience in fuel treatment, our Unitor FuelPower range applies the most advanced technologies to make certain that residual fuels can be used with confidence. For ships sailing in the Emission Control Areas, Unitor DieselPower has been developed specifically for distillate fuels, resulting in fewer problems and lower costs in operation.”

WSS will also showcase its new series of welding packages at the exhibition. Combining the latest Unitor welding equipment with professional support from product specialists and onboard welding safety inspections, WSS’ enhanced welding solutions are perfectly in tune with the current challenges customers face while maintaining their vessels. 

Danny Ingemann, Business Director outlines the benefits. 

“Maintenance and repair welding onboard ships represents a huge challenge for crew, as they may have little preparation time, lack suitable modern equipment and work in confined, often dangerous spaces. As a provider of welding solutions we can build closer relationships with customers by offering our equipment as packages and becoming more involved with safety inspections.”