New high capacity Unitor plasma cutter to be launched at SMM Hamburg

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) will launch the Unitor UPC1041 plasma cutter - a new high capacity portable machine specifically for marine use - at SMM Hamburg.
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With the theme of this year’s event ’Green Shipping’, the new product has been designed help ship owners and operators work towards ensuring environmentally-sound processes onboard.

WSS Director Danny Ingemann said:

“In today’s market, customers are becoming more aware of the need to increase operational efficiency. The Unitor UPC1041 is capable of cutting and gouging numerous types of metals using the available compressed air onboard. It is superior to gas cutting in that it also cuts stainless steel, cast iron, copper and aluminum, greatly reducing consumption of Oxygen and Acetylene”.
Compact and lightweight for ease of use onboard, the UPC1041 offers the best performance- to- weight ratio on the market currently. Its unique design utilises an active fan control system, reducing dust and dirt inside the cutter and strengthening the system functionality.
A direct torch connection negates problems usually associated with twisting the torch connection, and double coated electronics further improve reliability. The UPC1041 has a high duty cycle and is tolerant to high ambient temperatures onboard, no matter the working environment.
Product Specification: 

  • 15 kg, size L 550 X W 180 X H 320mm
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Cutting capacity up to 40mm steel
  • Cutting speed of more than half a meter per minute on 13mm steel plate
  • Can be connected to 3 phase 380 (400) V or 440V power supply
  • Power switch with built in 32 A fuse, eliminating problems due to connecting to wrong size fuse
  • Slim and ergonomic nozzle design gives good overview of cutting arc
  • Robust and sturdy cover plate cabinet that also protects the filter regulator.
  • Torch fitted with safety switch for additional safety.
  • Robust semiautomatic metal pressure regulator with self-draining water trap.
  • Compliant with WEE (2002-96/EC) and RoHS (2002/95/EC)

Download full product sheet.