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As the year-end holiday season arrives, many consumers are already feeling the supply chain crunch – there is no shopping without shipping.

The ripple effect from crew change, quarantine period, vaccination progress, port congestion and ship schedule disruptions due to COVID-19 could be reasons for increasing delays and costs.

In this issue of WManager, read about our active role in the development of the Code of Conduct and self-assessment tool to protect the human rights and welfare of the world’s nearly two million seafarers. Together with other members of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI), we aim to lift the industry treatment of seafarers beyond bare minimum compliance.
As the industry moves towards net zero emission vessels, we foresee that there will be an increase in adoption rate for vessels operating on alternative fuel such as ammonia, hydrogen and methanol. Soon, there will be a high demand for competent crew to operate these cleaner, complex and hybrid vessels safely in terms of bunker handling and storage. We believe there will be an urgent need for ready trained crew to operate such vessels.
In Wilhelmsen Ship Management, our best asset will always be our competent talents. We strive to deliver safety, track record and performance by doing things the right way.

Let’s look forward to a brighter 2022. Happy holidays and stay safe.

Enjoy some good reads this holiday season.

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