Next generation of talent set to shape Wilhelmsen's digital future. Digital trainees from left: Lovise Nyvoll, Jonas Borchgrevink, Magnus Dickens, and Sigbjørn Rudaa.

Wilhelmsen digital trainee programme launches

Four new digital talents have started their traineeship with the Wilhelmsen group. They are the first wave of recruits to begin Wilhelmsen's 18 month digital trainee programme. The programme has been designed to strengthen the Group's digital capabilities and focus, providing recruits with hands-on experience within global digital projects.
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Leading Wilhelmsen's digital charge is Group CFO, Christian Berg. Since joining Wilhelmsen in January 2016, he has been a driving force behind the group's digital transition and heads Wilhelmsen's internal technology forum. This forum has mapped the technology gap in the group and from there initiated recruitment processes to find new talent capable of accelerating Wilhelmsen’s push into digital solutions. 

"The way we work as a company and industry is changing rapidly", says Berg. "Traditional business models and supply chains are being challenged. To continue to be at the forefront, we need people who see the opportunities technology can provide and challenge existing ways we do business. The digital trainee programme is one of many initiatives we have started to ensure this", says Berg.

Magnus Dickens represents a new breed of talent and is one of four digital trainees set to launch a career with Wilhelmsen. In addition to a degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), he is a digital native with experience from web and app development projects.

Over the next 18 months, Magnus will work within various functions and divisions on a number of selected digital projects. Following completion of the programme, the trainees will continue in full time positions and be key in the Group's ongoing digital transition.

"The programme represents a unique opportunity", says Dickens. "I've been allowed to challenge one of the most traditional industries and given the room to innovate. Over the course of the trainee period I hope to get insight into various parts of the organization to better understand the demands and needs, and how these can be captured by new solutions".

Dickens is optimistic to the new digital challenges facing many companies. "I believe we have started in a time with a lot of uncertainty for the whole industry, but at the same time there is a lot of willingness to try new approaches. The maritime industry holds a vast ocean of opportunities in terms of digital innovation. BHP Billiton's debut with a new online auction platform and Maersk Line's collaboration with Alibaba are examples of companies seeking new ways to do business. It's an exciting time to be joining the industry".