Wilhelmsen group supports NATO exercises

A new innovative company specialising in military logistics is now in operation for Wilhelmsen. Learn how the company is supporting the Norwegian armed forces.
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The Wilhelmsen group provided logistical support to the NATO exercise “Cold Response”, held in Norway during early 2016. Through its subsidiaries, WilNor Governmental Services (WGS) and the NorSea Group (owned 40% by Wilhelmsen), the group built several large camps and delivered meals, logistics services, equipment and materials to more than 10 000 soldiers from 14 countries.

During the same exercise, the group subsidiary American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier (ARC) provided ocean transport for the participating US forces. For many years ARC has provided end-to-end transport of heavy vehicles, helicopters and other equipment for the US government.

A similar NATO exercise, though substantially larger in number of units and personnel, is planned to be hosted by Norway in 2018. WGS and Norsea Group will provide a wide range of logistic support to this exercise.

“The Wilhelmsen group has a long history in military assistance, supporting campaigns in harsh environments across the world,” says Vidar Hole, CEO of WilNor Governmental Services. The group also has experience in supporting naval vessels with logistics support and agency services.

“We recently entered into a comprehensive strategic agreement with the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation. This agreement is unique in terms of modes of cooperation with the Armed Forces and is the first of its kind in Norway since the Second World War. Across the group, we have both the knowledge and the capacity to assist armed forces improve their logistics, so they can concentrate on their operations.”

About WilNor Governmental Services AS
Established in 2015, WilNor Governmental services AS (WGS) is a joint venture between Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA (51%) and NorSea Group AS (49%). The company specialises in military logistics and maritime services for naval forces.