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    Fuel oil treatment offers benefits to enhance vessel operational efficiency on road to decarbonization

    With shipping currently responsible for 3% of global GHG emissions, the new EEXI and CII regulations that came into force in January comprise the IMO's short-term measures to address climate change. The aim is to reduce carbon intensity of all vessels with

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    The safety risks of poor cylinder safety management

    Technical gases are an integral part of vessel maintenance, and properly managing your gas cylinders is critical for safety. Here are five safety risks that you must keep in mind. Technical gases are key consumables for vessel maintenance and operations. Safe

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    Man checking boiler wall thickness

    How to keep your boiler and cooling systems in tip-top condition

    Consistent preventative maintenance of boiler and cooling systems can promote better efficiency and protect against unexpected costs resulting from corrosion and scaling problems. In this article, we discuss the challenges and how you should tackle them. The risks

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    Responsible refrigeration on ships – Enabling you to comply with regulations and reduce carbon emissions

    According to the 4th IMO GHG Study, the estimated annual loss of refrigerants from shipping in 2018 resulted in 18.2 million tonnes in CO2 emissions. Refrigerant leaks result in more energy needed to deliver the necessary level of cooling, and could contribute

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    RISQ 2.0

    Staying compliant with RISQ 2.0 for welding safety

    With the new RISQ 2.0 update, pressure regulators and flashback arrestors must be inspected annually and replaced every five years after the manufacturing date to prevent degradation and leakage. When was the last time you conducted an inspection? Find out

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    Finally - a first for us

    Captain Lee Eun Ran is not the world’s first female captain but a significant milestone given that shipping is still a male dominated industry and has been the same for decades. Today, Wilhelmsen Ship Management has conferred their first female Korean captain

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    SIRE 2.0 safety update for welding on tankers

    Safety update for welding on Tankers

    What are the revisions in OCIMF SIRE 2.0 and what actions do you need to take to stay compliant? Sire video block Seafarers have to carry out a variety of challenging tasks to ensure optimal maintenance and smooth operation of the vessel. Welding and other

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    Getting our crew ready for SIRE 2.0

    The new SIRE 2.0 regime is expected to become operational soon. It is our upmost priority to ensure that our crew can transition into the new regime without overloading them with too much information as they perform their day-to-day duties. The new SIRE 2

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    rope tail_landscape

    Why improper mooring tail selection compromises safety

    Choosing to buy a lower-strength, lighter mooring tail than the rope is a misguided strategy that can compromise the integrity of your entire mooring configuration and the safety of those tasked with handling the lines", says Mark Levis, Wilhelmsen Ships

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    Chasing their Dreams

    Chasing their Dreams and Working Hard for It

    If you’re out at sea and can hear someone belting out power ballads like, “If I Sing You a Love Song by Bonnie Taylor” orI Cant Fight this Feeling Anymore by REO Speedwagon” then you know Sabrina McCoy Villaruz or Raquel Marilag is onboard. These two female