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    Smooth Sailing, Greener Trails, Our Energy Savings Set The Windsails

    It is known that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has established ambitious targets in its 2018 GHG (Greenhouse Gas) strategy, aiming for a 50% reduction of total emissions in the maritime industry by 2050.

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    Results for the second quarter 2023

    Stable performance from the operating businesses delivered EBITDA of USD 39 million in the second quarter, with the Wilhelmsen group also benefitting from a strong contribution from associates and financial assets. This resulted in a profit of USD 251 million for the quarter.

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    Captain Rosemelyn

    Captain Rosemelyn On Board Of AS Patria

    We are very proud to announce that Mrs. Rosemelyn De Villa Boongaling took over her first command on our AS Patria as the first Female Captain in Wilhelmsen Ahrenkiel Ship Management.

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    Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA: Presentation of second quarter 2023 results Strandveien 20, 1366 Lysaker Norway

    Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA: Presentation of second quarter 2023 results

    Wilhelmsen will publish its second quarter and half year results for 2023 at or around 18:00 CET on Wednesday 16 August 2023.
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    Listing image WM1-2023

    WManager 1-2023

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management's in-house magazine

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    Shipping: More Than Just Delivering Packages

    Our management trainee, Andreas shared his three-months journey at Wilhelmsen Ship Management, "I've discovered the vast and vital world of shipping. From a mere package delivery fee to now seeing its impact on daily life, shipping's versatility in finance, marketing, and sustainability makes it an exciting industry for the future. Engaging in meetings, projects, and sailing with the crew has been invaluable, and I'm grateful for the experience."

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    Results for the first quarter 2023

    Wilhelmsen delivered improved operating result of USD 39 million, with the Wilhelmsen group also benefitting from a continued strong contribution from associates in the first quarter. This resulted in a profit of USD 57 million for the quarter.

  • Event
    NorShipping 2023 Nova Spektrum  Lillestrøm, Norway Stand E02-23, Hall E

    NorShipping 2023

    Visit us at NorShipping 2023
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    Studio 30 50 a unique partnership based Maritime Digital Venture Studio launches in collaboration with Hafnia, Microsoft, DNV, IMC Ventures and Wilhelmsen

    Hafnia, along with Microsoft, Wilhelmsen, IMC Ventures and DNV has announced the launch of a new digital venture studio, “Studio 30 50”.  

  • Wilhelmsen insights | Updated
    safety gangway

    The importance of safety standards and how to commit to a secure work environment

    As part of our ESG Spotlight Series, Jodie Reibel, Vice President Governance & Sustainability, discusses safety and the agency business and why building a safety culture is now a business essential.

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