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Ask the Expert - What are the key factors to safer welding?

Constantly striving for safer welding can be challenging. Here's how you can use digital tools and streamlined processes to overcome your challenges efficiently and effectively.

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Dennis Teo, Business Manager, Maintenance & Repair

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What challenges are common when committing to safer welding?

Welding and cutting processes are two of the most traditional and conventional methods used on board vessels today; most welders and fitters are very familiar with these processes - but it is this familiarity that results in complacency and non-compliance.

In the world of shipping today, we are facing two main challenges: the first being the potential safety hazards on board and the second being the unplanned downtime arising from equipment failure, which results in lower productivity. All these would lead to higher costs for the customers to invest in new sets of welding equipment.

What are the key factors to safer welding?

Typically, there are two ways you can look at welding safety: invest in a good set of equipment that complies with safety and regulations; and most importantly, constantly train the welders and fitters on board to keep themselves abreast of the latest welding technology and any changes to the rules and regulations concerning welding processes.

How does WSS improve safe welding practices?

In our company, our full range of welding equipment is designed specifically to meet the safety regulations for all welding processes. For the customers, we also provide detailed documentation such as user manuals, safety datasheets, welding guidebook and the recently launched augmented reality app, which allows customers and crew members on board to have a visual inspection of how a proper welding should take place on board the vessel.

Recently we have designed and launched a welding safety inspection app which gives the flexibility of our port engineers to go on board the vessel to conduct a safety health check on the equipment, the gas manifold system, as well as the overall safety environment of carrying out welding and cutting processes.

At the end of the day, at Wilhelmsen Ships Service, achieving a safer welding environment is effective welding.