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Steaming into the future

Vessels need to be run as effective and cost efficient as possible. Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA, OW (Wallenius) and StormGeo have created a monitoring and analysing system for the future.

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Anders Lenning, Fleet performance analyst

Shippersys is a web-based advanced vessel performance monitoring and analysis tool, built on input from naval architects, programmers, highly experienced ship operators and trade analysts.

Decades of shipping experience have paved the way for the most advanced tracking-, monitoring- and measurement system available. ‘We simply had too high demands for what we needed from a system, and subsequently had to create our own to meet all the requirements,’ says Anders Lenning, WW ASA fleet performance analyst.

He explains how Shippersys not only makes it easier to keep a tight watch on fuel efficiency, it will also provide powerfull decision support for increasing overall efficiency of every ship in the fleet. In addition to being a powerful tool on shore, the system is developed with the aim of reducing the reporting workload on board as well:  

‘This is done by reducing the amount of reports needed, and by allowing for automatic reporting,’ says Petter Chr Jønvik, shipping and environment manager WW ASA.

‘Installations have begun, eventually all our vessels will have Shippersys on board. The project team has created a system for the future. Shippersys can be remotely installed, eliminating the need for physically going on board every ship. The logistics of that would a nightmare,’ says Lenning.

The shipping industry experiences increasing environmental regulations, which in turn create a demand for efficient reporting on emissions, energy consumption and energy costs.

Anders Lenning, Fleet performance analyst

Shippersys allows for easier reporting, better aligned with the industry’s needs, and frees up resources. A small team of people is enough to monitor operations of WW’s entire fleet of 29 ships. Fewer resources are required to monitor the shipping operation, and less money is spent on gathering data. Monitoring ship operations through Shippersys allows us to pinpoint exactly where and when we use too much energy.

The demand for fuelefficient solutions is strongly correlated to fuel costs. High oil prices boost the demand for ship performance monitoring and analysis tools, giving Shippersys the potential of saving vast amounts of money every year.

Not only will WW save a substantial amount of money by using Shippersys, the system also lends itself to commercial sale. License sales are expected to create additional revenue, and will introduce a new way of reporting for the shipping industry. WW is shaping the maritime industry.