Sundeep Dhaliwal

Head of LNG/LPG and Tanker group of Wilhelmsen Ship Management Malaysia

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Sundeep is our specialized maritime professional in gas tanker management. His key expertise is in gas ship operations which spans from technical, safety and marine operations.

During his sailing days, Sundeep served onboard General Cargo, Oil Tankers, VLCCs, Reefers and Bulk carriers before finding his passion in gas vessels. At the age of 31, he attained his Master license and commanded his first VLGC. In 2002, Sundeep brought his solid expertise to shore and eventually progressed his career to become the Head of LNG/LPG and Tanker group overseeing a strong fleet of over 30 gas vessels in Wilhelmsen Ship Management.

His strong acumen in technical and marine operations has brought much value to our customers. He and his team manage a variety of gas ships which includes LNG, LPG, Ammonia, LNG FSRU and LNG Bunker Vessel

All in all, Sundeep has over 25 years of extensive experience in leading gas operations, projects, and people management in the organization.

Sundeep is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia