Complete Cargo Hold Cleaning

Clean and protect your cargo hold walls with the best chemicals and equipment–no holds barred.

Key values of our cleaning solutions

  • Efficiency

    Highly concentrated so you can get more done with less chemicals. With dedicated equipment, cleaning time can be reduced even further.

  • Best cleaning results

    Meticulously tested to ensure we produce the best cleaning results in as little time as possible while maintaining the integrity of common hold coatings.

  • Safe for the environment

    Our cargo hold cleaning chemicals can be discharged at sea along with wash water, being fully compliant with MARPOL Annex V.

Cargo Hold Cleaning Chemicals



Cargo Hold Cleaning Equipment

Use dedicated equipment

Maximise the thoroughness, effectiveness and efficiency of your cleaning by using the right equipment with the right chemical.

Our equipment is the perfect companion for our chemicals, complementing its effects so you can achieve even better cleaning results.


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Start cleaning your carriers with our professional products

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