ethics and anti corruption

Ethics and Anti-corruption

Our focus is to improve identification and follow up of compliance deviations; and increase employee competence in responsible business practice.

During the year, there were 19 whistles received related to allegations of fraud/corruption, pollution/environmental, health and safety and more HR related matters. One whistle resulted in proceedings being initiated against two employees and funds being retrieved.

Internal business standards audits that were conducted during the year also detected irregularities / deviations that required investigation. A project was initiated to further detail and measure our facilitation payment challenges to enhance monitoring and develop specific targets for improvement.

Ships service division obtained TRACE certification in 8 new countries (31 in total since 2016), and will soon have all countries certified. For competence building, the new business standards program was rolled to all employees.

In 2020, we will continue whistleblowing culture building and conduct business standards audits. We expect to achieve the target of 100% completion rate for the new business standards program across all companies and seafarers.