cyber security

Cyber Security and Data Protection

Our focus is to implement a cyber security framework; strengthen operational measures; and increase employee competence in cyber risk prevention behavior.

During the year, we conducted an onshore cyber resilience assessment concluding that we currently are on par with the rest of the maritime industry. Our 24/7/365 detection and response capabilities were increased, as well as security solutions on computers and servers. An IT penetration test was conducted onshore and for selected group of vessels.

Reviews of GDPR practices in major sites were conducted to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements. For competence building, awareness training was rolled to all employees onshore, and an awareness pack and updated ship board management system was updated for vessels.

In 2020, we will establish a Wilhelmsen cyber security framework, and continue to implement proper safeguards and business continuity capabilities. We expect to achieve a target of 100% completion rates for cyber security awareness training.