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Tolls $9,000.00
Tug Assistance $11,445.00
Linehandlers $2,815.00
Locomotive Wires $1,500.00
Canal Inspection $118.00
Security Surcharge $1,000.00
AIS Rental $161.00
Launch Hire (Estimated - Billed On Actual) $525.00
PC Oil Pollution Prevention Fee $525.00
ADCS Charge (Input / Transfer / Upload) $250.00
Bank Commission $85.19
Fumigation (Compulsory) $385.00
Vessel Communication (Estimated - Billed On Actual) $250.00
Auto Hire $100.00
Petties & Incidentals $125.00
Transit Booking Fee (Optional) $5,500.00
Grand Total USD $34,159.19
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Did you know that Panama Canal Authority's booking fee ranges between $2,500 to $35,000? Check the cost of your vessel transit reservation slot by contacting our Panama Canal 24/7 Transit Desk.

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Disclaimer / Notes:

  1. As of 22 June 2016: Panama Canal Authority has updated  their cost structure for the Neopanamax locks with regards to Tugs and Line handling. These figures not included in the Panama Calculator, but will be added at a later stage. Minimum expected charges for Neopanamax vessels with regards to tugs are 17 000 USD and 2 600 USD for Line handlers.
  2. All calculations serve as an estimate and the final result upon what toll the vessel is subject to pay is decided by the Panama Canal Authorities only, not Wilhelmsen Ships Service.
  3. Currencies are updated on a daily basis by data provided from the International Monetary Fund.
  4. All costs in the calculator are Panama Canal toll dues only. Agency fees from WSS are handled separately and is quoted from the Transit Desk.

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