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With offices in 75 countries, supporting our non-stop operations in 2,200 ports worldwide, our port knowledge team brings you the latest local port news and operational updates on a daily basis.

1600 X 900 China ports

Chinese ports: Latest Zika virus requirements

Intending to discharge cargo at Chinese port? Be prepared for the latest Zika spread prevention regulations and fumigation fees at your port of destination with these in-depth requirements guidelines.

Latest port news

  • 1600 x 900 Rhine river 2

    Rhine River

    27 Apr'17: Low water surcharge still applicable in multiple areas on Rhine River. A continuous trend in the decrease of water levels is forcing vessels to load approximately 300-400 MT less cargo and pay 10 % surcharge per 10 dm fall over the loaded weight. Expected water depth at German locations this week: Kaub 119 cm (16 cm more), Cologne 181 cm (12 cm more) and Ruhrort 270 cm (9 cm more). For the coming week the levels are expected to decrease slightly. For more information: WSS Rotterdam office at (+31) 10 487 7980

  • 1600 x 900 Mumbai Anchorage

    Mumbai, India

    27 Apr'17: Revised inner anchorage draft during monsoon season at the Port of Mumbai. The Mumbai Port Trust has announced that new maximum permissible draft at the anchorage will be 11,8 m. All vessels are advised to maintain: strict anchor water; continuous watch on VHF channel 12; main engines on short notice and to not allow more than two barges alongside the ship during cargo operations. Furthermore, if vessel's draft exceeds 11,5 m, 'Letter of Indemnity' will be required. For more information: WSS Mumbai office (+91) 22 6637 5500

  • 1600 x 900 ponta da madeira

    Ponta da Madeira, Brazil

    27 Apr'17: Iron ore pier no.4 North at the Port of Ponta Da Madeira has been closed from until 29 May due to scheduled maintenance operations. Further renovation activities will be conducted at the following iron ore berths: pier no.3 North between 1 and 4 May; Pier no.3 South from 5 May until 7 May; pier no. 4 South between 24 and 28 May. No port operations or vessel maneuvers will be possible during these periods. Currently, there are no further maintenance works scheduled for May at Ponta Da Madeira Port. For more information: WSS Sao Luiz office at (+55) 98 3227 3367

  • 1600 x 900 Parana River 3

    Paraná River, Argentina

    26 Apr'17: The water levels have increased compared to last week on Paran√° River. Expected water depths at Argentinian locations this week: San Pedro 200 cm, Ramallo 247 cm, San Nicolas 275 cm, Villa Constitucion 313 cm, Rosario 353 cm, San Martin 388 cm, Diamante 398 cm, Santa Fe 370 cm, Corrientes 404 cm and Iguazu 1220 cm. For the coming week the levels are expected to further increase slightly (5 centimeters). For more information: WSS Argentina office at (+56) 32 229 2800

  • 1600 x 900 qingdao iron ore

    Chinese Ports

    26 Apr'17: Berthing delays for main iron ore ports in China: Tianjin, Xiamen 5-7 days with 5-7 vessels waiting; Bayuquan, Caofeidian, Rizhao, Lianyungang 3-4 days with 3-6 vessels waiting; Zhanjiang, Huangpu, Shanghai 2-3 days with 1-4 vessels waiting; Jingtang, Qingdao, Lanshan, Taicang, Nantong, Beilun, Zhoushan, Kemen and Fangcheng 1-2 days with 2-7 vessels waiting. Currently, there are no berthing delays at the Port of Dalian for iron ore shipments. For more information: WSS Shanghai office at (+86) 21 6086 3888

  • 1600 x 900 wind palms

    Jubail, Saudi Arabia

    26 Apr'17: Berthing and sailing movements have been suspended at the Port of Jubail today, on 26 April 0615 hrs LT due to strong wind speed of 38 knots. Furthermore, there were multiple port closures since 12 April due to adverse weather conditions. Berthing delays for petroleum and chemical products increased to 2-4 days. Strong winds above 20 knots are forecast until 26 April 2000 hrs LT. Further port closures for vessel traffic are possible in the coming weeks. For more information: WSS Jubail office at (+966) 13 362 1848

  • 1600 x 900 Valletta

    Valletta, Malta

    25 Apr'17: The Grand Harbour at the Port of Valletta will be closed on Sunday, 30 April from 1600 hrs LT to 2300 hrs LT due to the 16th edition of International Fireworks Festival. The Port of Valletta is a multi-purpose port equipped to offer a large spectrum of maritime services including: various cruise/ferry and cargo berths, specialized grain and cement silos, petroleum installations, bunkering facilities, ship repair and building yards, ship handling, reception facilities, other ship related services. For more information: WSS Malta office at (+356) 2247 8900

  • 1600 x 900 coal wagon

    Australian Ports

    25 Apr'17: The current situation at Australian ports affected by cyclone Debbie. Further loading operations at Dalrymple Bay and Hay Point ports are ceased until stockpiles can be replenished with commencement of rail operations, based on repair of the Goonyella Rail Line. Abbot Point port is operational with no closures pending. The Goonyella Rail Line connects Bowen Basin Coal mines to the Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminals, which accounted for over 8 million tonnes of coal exports in March, is expected to reopen on 26 April. For more information: WSS Mackay office at (+61) 7 49563666

  • 1600 x 900 anchorage night

    Egyptian Ports

    25 Apr'17: The current situation overview at main Egyptian ports. Port of Damietta: operational with no berthing delays for both, dry bulk and liquid cargoes; Port of El Dekheila: all berths are occupied with 12 vessels waiting & 6 expected (4-5 days delay for grain cargoes); Port of Adabiya: all dry bulk berths are occupied with 2 vessels waiting & 5 expected (4-5 days delay), however there are no delays for tanker vessels; Port of Abu Qir: operational with 2 vessels expected (no delays). For more information: WSS Alexandria office at (+20) 3 4843510

  • 1600 x 900 Panama Canal Map

    Panama Canal

    24 Apr'17: Amendments to fuel requirements in the Panama Canal Waters. Vessels arriving at the Canal waters with the intention to visit the Pacific or Atlantic ports and will not transit, may be allowed to proceed to and from the port terminal on heavy fuel. Furthermore, vessels intending to transit the Canal or to call above ports will be permitted to use heavy fuel to operate their auxiliary engines during their stay at port. Fuel shall be changed over to light at least two hours prior to the Canal transit (scheduled pilot time). For more information: WSS Panama 24/7 Transit Desk office at (+507) 380 4429

  • 1600 x 900 grain category 2

    Geraldton, Australia

    24 Apr'17: The Mid West Ports Authority has announced train unloader shutdown at the Port of Geraldton from 8 May 0600 hrs LT to 10 May 2359 hrs LT due to scheduled maintenance. Currently, there are five vessels at anchorage awaiting the Grain Berth. Only minimal congestion experienced across all other berths at present, however as the port is already seeing the effects of the surge season it can be expected that all berths will begin to see an increase in congestion due to berth closures during periods of harbour surge. For more information: WSS Geraldton office at (+61) 8 6365 5409

  • 1600 x 900 Gothenburg Sweden

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    24 Apr'17: The Authorities are considering dredging the fairway leading into the Port of Gothenburg to approximately 16,5 m. The port channel requires deepening by four metres in order to receive the new generation of freight vessels. According to the Swedish Transport Administration (STA), a deeper fairway into the Gothenburg Port would be a profitable investment for society. Every krona invested would produce four kronor in return. The government will ratify the plan in spring 2018. For more information: WSS Sweden office at (+47) 3557 3730

  • 1600 x 900 turkish straits

    The Turkish Straits

    21 Apr'17: Estimated vessel passage delays at the Turkish Straits. All tanker vessels above 200 m LOA will experience 2 days delay for transiting the Dardanelles Strait and 24 hours delay for passing through the Bosphorus Strait. Furthermore, dry bulk vessels above 250 m LOA will suffer 1-2 days transit delay at the Turkish Straits. There are no transit delays for tankers below 150 m LOA. Transit delays are caused by the recent traffic suspensions due to rough weather combined with strong vessel congestion. For more information: WSS Istanbul office at (+90) 216 681 3300

  • 1600 x 900 fertilizer 3

    Santos, Brazil

    21 Apr'17: Multiple fertilizer berth closures at the Port of Santos due to scheduled maintenance and dredging operations. TIPLAM berth will remain unavailable until 26 April, berths no. 13/14 will be out of service from 24 April until 29 April, PEROLA berth will be closed between 2 and 5 May. No port operations or vessel maneuvers will be possible during these periods. Currently, there are no further maintenance works scheduled for fertilizers berths for April or May at Brazilian ports. For more information: WSS Santos office at (+55) 13 2101 1822

  • 1600 x 900 Mississippi River 2

    Mississippi River

    21 Apr'17: The water levels increase on the Mississippi River. Expected water depth at American locations: New Orleans 358 cm (11,76 ft), Reserve 253 cm (16,29 ft), Donaldsonville 497 cm (21,12 ft), Baton Rogue 921 cm (30,23 ft), Red River Landing 1400 cm (45,95 ft). For the coming weeks the levels are expected to decrease slightly. The Authorities plan to dredge the river channel to 50 ft. so three Southeast Louisiana ports can accept bigger cargo ships to take advantage of the Panama Canal's expansion. For more information: WSS New Orleans office at (+1) 504 739 7100

  • 1600 x 900 pollution

    Tianjin, China

    20 Apr'17: The Government of China to halt the truck transportation of coke and coal cargoes at the Port of Tianjin due to serious air pollution, effective from 1 May. Coal/coke transportation via container or railway network will be the only permitted conveyance method after 1 May. The new policy will significantly increase cargo logistic costs and reduce the turnover efficiency at Tianjin port. As a result, coal/coke shipments at Tianjin port are expected to decrease from May. For more information: WSS Tianjin office at (+86) 22 2562 9099 502

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