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1600 X 900 China ports

Chinese ports: Latest Zika virus requirements

Intending to discharge cargo at Chinese port? Be prepared for the latest Zika spread prevention regulations and fumigation fees at your port of destination with these in-depth requirements guidelines.

Latest port news

  • 1600 x 900 myanmar grab


    22 Jun’17: New coal discharging record in Myanmar, by utilizing WSS Grabs, despite some weather stoppages due to heavy pre-monsoon rain and wind. Discharging rate of over 10,000 MT - only in 24 hours. WSS Myanmar, while acting as the protective agent, provided 4 Grabs and 1 spare to the vessel together with standby maintenance technicians onboard to make sure safe and uninterrupted operations. It has reduced the costs and the port stay while greatly appreciated by the consignee, the vessel operator, the terminal and the port authority. For more information: WSS Myanmar office at (+959) 77 608 5069

  • 1600 X 900 compliance

    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    22 Jun’17 : Abu Dhabi Ports and the Port of Fujairah have signed a 35-year concession for the Abu Dhabi-based port operator to take over the operations of Fujairah’s primary deep-water port. Development includes deepening of berths to -16.5 meters, building an approximate 300,000 sqm yard of storage space, as well as an additional 1km quay. Abu Dhabi Ports will commence with the development of berths and yards in 2018. The port will remain operational during this time to service existing and new clients. Additional capacity and new quay cranes will begin operations in 2021, including the post panama quay cranes. The port's capacity is expected to reach 1 million TEUs and 700,000 tons of general cargo by 2030. For more information: WSS Abu Dhabi office at +971 2673329

  • 1600 x 900 Qatar

    Qatar, Middle East

    21 Jun’17 : The UAE: as per Circular No. 02/2017 issued by Petroleum Ports Authority Implementation of the decision related to Sanctions on Qatar. This Circular replaces Circular No. 01/2017. In line with the governmental decision issued on Monday 5th June 2017, regarding the enforcement of sanctions on diplomatic ties and closure of all borders with the state of Qatar, and in reference to the Federal Transport Authority's Circular No. 2/2/1023, issued on 11th June 2017, following instructions are to be adhered to by all Petroleum Ports Users: 1) Not to receive any Qatari flag vessel or any owned by Qatari Companies or Qatari individuals. 2) Not load / unload any cargo of Qatari orgin in any port or water of UAE. 3) Not to allow ships to load any cargo of UAE orgin to State of Qatar. For more information: WSS Abu Dhabi office at +971 2673329

  • 1600 x 900 stormy weather 2

    Jubail, Saudi Arabia

    21 Jun’17: Delays are expected in Jubail Port due to heavy weather condition. Stop loading operations in port was begin 21st June (Wednesday) from 04:15 until 05:35 the same day, due to wind force: 37 knots (Force Beaufort 8). The wind force decreased to 30 knots (Force Beaufort 7), but still Jubail Port is closed for berthing and sailing from 21 June at 05:35. For more information: WSS Jubail office at (+966) 13 362 1848 / (+966) 545874994

  • 1600 x 900 bunkering

    Santos, Brazil

    20 Jun’17: It's been observed huge delays on bunkering operations carried out in Santos jeopardizing the port line up. Commonly, the bunkering operations end up 08 - 12 hours after cargo operations completion. This prevent receiving next vessels until bunkering is not completed. In some cases, after cargo completion, a lay-by berth is required for bunkering only. It was observed other vessel that had to cancel and change the bunkering to the next port in Cartagena due to unknown barge schedule. As per local supplier (Petrobas) information, the situation is normalized and no further delay is expected as from this week. For more information: WSS Santos office at (+55) 13 2101 1822

  • 1600 X 900 petroleum category 1

    Qatari Ports

    20 Jun’17: Qatar Petroleum has started a domestic bunkering operation for all vessels calling on Qatari ports. The Doha-based company said the facility is available for all vessels lifting any Qatari seaborne imports or exports. Qatar Petroleum also announced that the first of several shipments carrying fuel oil for bunkering purposes had arrived at its Ras Laffan anchorage. It will be catering for the majority of Qatar’s LNG vessel fleet and provide the service to other clients including Muntajat, Hamad Port, and potential (FOB) clients of Qatar who load products such as crude oil, LPG, condensate and naphtha. For more information: WSS Doha office at (+974) 445 10 320 / (+974) 558 68 154

  • Kerch Straits

    Kerch Strait

    16 Jun’17: It is planned to suspend traffic at Kerch strait for all vessels, except for Russian Federation navy and technical fleet used for construction as following: August 3-6, August 8-10, August 14-21, August 28-31, September 1-4. Kerch strait transit passages from Black sea to sea of Azov and backwards will be not available accordingly. Above traffic restriction is caused due to bridge constructions at Kerch strait. Harbor Master should be informed not less than 24 hours by building company in order to provide Mariners with Notices. For more information: WSS Odessa office at +(380) 482 300 600 / (+380) 503 164 157

  • 1600 x 900 tug boats

    Gladstone, Australia

    16 Jun’17: Over the past week, there have been two towage incidents within the Gladstone Port Channel. There have been no serious injuries or interruption to shipping. The first incident: A tug sustained engine failure while on active towage duty for an LNG Ship entry in the location of the Clinton Bypass Channel, which came into contact with a second tug on active towage duty on the same ship. The second incident: A tug, while on active berthing duty for an LNG Ship, during maneuvering activity, had its towline come into contact the handrails of the Ship. The towage operation will not be affected in terms of service level unless further notified. For more information: WSS Gladstone office at +61 7 4972 8833

  • 1600 x 900 Qatar

    Qatar, Middle East

    14 Jun’17: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Maldives, Mauritius, Comoros, Yemen, Libya and Mauritania has break off diplomatic ties with Qatar. As per NTA 24/2017 issued by Fujairah Port: Please consider earlier NTM#224 as cancelled and you are advised to refer NTM#225 as the latest update on the subject. Saudi Arabia, as per latest update received, Non-Qatari flagged/owned/linked vessels with cargo loaded from a foreign port and destined to Qatar (Transit Cargo), can call Saudi Ports directly prior going to Qatar. For more information: WSS Dubai: +971 438 23 900; WSS Suez office at (+20) 62 319 66 20/1/2

  • 1600 X 900 australia 2

    Hay Point, Australia

    14 Jun’17: Hay Point Terminal Towage increase of rates effective 10th July, 2017. The schedule of rates outlines services offered, charges and additional terms and conditions for the safe and efficient arrival and departure of ships at Hay Point Coal Terminal. The towage rates are for each tug employed to assist a ship arriving at or departing from a berth at the Hay Point. Normal operating requirement is for 2 tugs. A third tug may be required for departures of Cape sized ships under certain wind conditions. Cancellations of a tug 'in attendance' are charged a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the applicable towage rate. For more information: WSS Mackay office at +61 7 49563666

  • 1600 x 900 fujairah anchorage

    Al Fujayrah, United Arab Emirates

    14 Jun’17: In accordance with NTM 226 issued by Fujairah Port: “as advised by the Port of Fujairah Immigration Department, vessels calling Port of Fujairah or FOAA and intend to disembark crew or passengers, shall submit the respective Crew List or Passenger List stamped from the Immigration Department of the previous Port or their Exit Stamp.” There should be a crew list from last port or exit stamp copy of passport (from where the crew had joined) to be submitted along with Master declaration form to get attested from control tower and submit at immigration while clearing sign off crew. WSS Fujairah office at +971 9 222 8400

  • 1600 x 900 tax 2

    Indian Ports

    13 Jun’17: Government of India has proposed implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) wef 1st July, 2017. Taxes like excise, CVD/SAD, service tax, VAT/CST (Value Added Tax / Central Sales Tax), entertainment tax, entry tax/octroi shall be abolished and subsumed in single tax called GST. Vessles called in India, all the services (agency fee and services provided by port and other various vendors) on which presently 15% Service Tax is applicable, will get replaced by GST18%. These GST rates are based on the latest release issued by the tax authorities and may undergo changes when the final Law is passed. WSS Kandla office at (+91) 2836 231 158

  • 1600 X 900 China ports

    Chinese Ports

    13 Jun’17: Berthing delays for main iron ore ports in China: Jingtang, Caofeidian, Taicang 5-7 days with 7-9 vessels waiting; Bayuquan, Lianyungang, Shanghai 3-4 days with 4-5 vessels waiting; Xiamen, Kemen, Zhanjiang, Lanshan 2-3 days with 3-5 vessels waiting; Beilun, Zhoushan, Nantong, Huangpu, Fangcheng 1-2 days with 1-3 vessels waiting. Currently, there are no berthing delays at Dalian, Tianjin and Rizhao ports for iron ore shipments. All the ports are operational with no closures pending. For more information: WSS Shanghai office at (+86) 21 6086 3888

  • 1600 x 900 Qatar

    Qatar, Middle East

    12 Jun'17: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Maldives, Mauritius, Comoros, Yemen, Libya and Mauritania has break off diplomatic ties with Qatar. Saudi Ports: They received instructions from Port Operations that not to grant entry for Vessels with last port as Qatar. UAE: Not to receive any Qatari flag vessel or owned by Qatari Companies or Qatari individuals, Not Load / Unload any cargo of Qatari origin in any port or water of UAB, Not to allow ships to load any cargo of UAB origin to State of Qatar. Oman: Vessels can call at Port of Khasab (NON-ISPS port) for change of clearance and they can issue fresh port clearance. For more information: WSS Dubai: +971 438 23 900; WSS Suez office at (+20) 62 319 66 20/1/2

  • 1600 x 900 armed guards

    Mandeb Strait

    12 Jun’17: Large Numbers of Suspicious Skiffs in the Bab el Mandeb. Various reports of Skiffs operating in Large Numbers acting suspiciously in the Mandeb Strait, in particular the various chock points. Weapons sighted on a number of occasions and vessels followed. Mariners are advised to keep an extra lookout, and be fully compliant with Best Management Practices Version 4 (BMP 4). Vessels are advised to take all necessary precautions. Additional vigilance is advised when transiting the region and vessels will likely want to review existing security practices. For more information: WSS Yemen office at (+967) 2 248 855

  • 1600 x 900 Qatar

    Qatar, Middle East - update

    8 Jun'17: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Maldives, Mauritius, Comoros, Yemen, Libya and Mauritania has break off diplomatic ties with Qatar. Jordan and Djibouti governments chose to reduce their diplomatic representation with Qatar. The Government of Senegal expressed its “active solidarity” with Gulf countries. The Foreign Ministry of Gabon: condemned Qatar. Cosco released a customer advisory to European shippers & forwarders that it had stopped taking goods to Doha. Evergreen & OOCL said they had suspended shipping services to Qatar. MSC said it is still accepting cargo but will follow restrictions arising from the diplomatic spat. Maersk is working on alternative solutions than Jebel Ali to ensure movement of cargo to Doha. For more information: WSS Dubai: +971 438 23 900; WSS Suez office at (+20) 62 319 66 20/1/2

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