Product information

The Accessories Kit combined with UWW-301 TP multi-purpose welder and consumables enables high deposition and efficient shipboard welding.

The kit comes with:

  • Self Shielded T-350 Torch with 1.0-1.4 mm steel liner
  • Spare 20 pcs contact tips dia. 1.2 mm,
  • Multi-Purpose Plier for Wire Torch
  • Electrode Holder and Return Clamp 400A for Stick Electrode Welding

*For Gas Shielded and TIG Welding, please order the necessary accessories separately.


  • Accessories for selfshield wire welding and stick electrode welding
  • Ideal for use with wire welding consumables MS-W-203 and TENSILE-W-228 in 5kg spool


  • The Accessories Kit is a starter kit which enables welder to use Self Shielding Wire Welding as well as Stick Electrode Welding and connect readily with UWW-301 TP Wire Welder unit

This bundle contains: