Product information

The purpose of the welding curtain is to avoid other personnel being harmed by the welding work taking place. The curtain reduces light emission , but still enables one to see trough the curtain. It is made of self-extinguishing material. The size of the curtain is 2 m high and 1,3 m wide. The top of the curtain has 7 holes and the curtain comes complete with 7 heavy-duty hooks. With the hooks the curtain can be put in a frame, or hooked up on an existing pipe or wire. Maximum pipe diameter which the hooks will fit on is 41 mm. In order for the curtain to be drawn freely the pipe should be less than 30 mm. It is possible to join two or more curtains together by the use of snap on buttons along the side. The curtain with hooks is supplied in a plastic bag.


  • Produced according to EN ISO 25980: 2014.



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WELDING CURTAIN W/HOOKS 633065 https://www.wilhelmsen.com/product-catalogue/products/welding/arc-welding-equipment/welders-protection/welding-curtain-whooks/?epieditmode=true
WELDING SPATTER BLANKET 1 X10M 646067 https://www.wilhelmsen.com/product-catalogue/products/welding/arc-welding-equipment/welders-protection/welding-spatter-blanket-1-x10m/?epieditmode=true