Product information

Four-stage filtration system

When the welding fumes enter the unit they first pass a metal pre-separator, then the fumes flow through a aluminium pre-filter and into the main filter which has a total area of 12m2. The large area of the main filter provides a long life and a constant high efficiency since filter cleaning does not have to take place very frequently. The last stage is a High Efficiency Particle Arrestor HEPA 12 which guarantees a filtration efficiency of 99.9% under all circumstances.

Active carbon filter

If required an optional activated carbon filter can be placed on top of the main filter to remove smell. It is also possible to add hoses on the exhaust side to completely remove the filtered air from the area if required.

Two powerful motors

The two motors guarantee an adequate extraction capacity under all conditions. At low welding fume concentrations, the extraction capacity can be halved, in which situation both motors operate at half speed, thus providing a lower noise level and reduced maintenance.

Automatic start

When the welding cable is placed in a slit on top of the unit the automatic start/stop function can be used and the unit will automatically switch on when welding starts and off when welding stops.

Supplied with

2,5m hose and nozzle with magnet foot


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Connects to 1 phase 230V
  • High filteration capacity
  • Automatic start stop function


  • Fast and easy transportation
  • Power points for 230V available
  • Protects welder against inhalation of harmful welding fumes
  • No need for manual operation of start/stop