Product information

**Welding Cable** The welding cable supplied by Unitor is recognized by its marking at regular intervals with the text: “Unitor oil resistant welding cable”, size of cable, and the standard for oil resistant welding cable: H01N2-D.

**Cable drum** The drum is supplied with brackets for bulkhead mounting. It has a folding crank which locks the drum from uncoiling the cable when the crank is folded inwards. Capacity up to approximately 100m 70mm2 welding cable. Weight 10,5kg


  • The cable is oil resistant, flame resistant and wear resistant. The conductor is built up from 0.2 mm diameter copper wires to ensure high flexibiIity
  • The cable complies with the harmonised standard HO1N2D for flexible welding cable
  • Available in cross-section areas 35 mm2, 50 mm2 and 70 mm2, in standard lengths of 10 m, 20 m and 50 m, fitted with Unitor safety connectors.
  • When cable extensions with safety connectors are used the electrode holder and ground clamp with safety connectors should be used


  • Easy management and housekeeping of welding cables onboard
  • The standard length cable extensions are fitted with Unitor safety cable connectors for optimal protection. Connection to the machine panel sockets is done with 2 pcs Dix/Unitor conversions, reducing risk of electric shocks or electrocution
  • High quality and reliable for heavy duty welding onboard