Product information

Unitor Safety cable connectors meet all requirements, more than 1400 mm2 contact area ensuring good contact between plug and socket, and when carefully assembled, the connectors are as good as watertight against spray and when decks are sporadically washed.

The connectors may be used on cable dimensions from 35 mm2 up to 70 mm2 and are designed to accept up to 460 A welding current.


  • 460 A/60% duty cycle 460 A at 60% duty cycle
  • For welding cable size 35-70 mm2
  • Used when connecting welding cables together for welding at a distance especially on deck


  • Safe and secure connection for both indoor and outdoor welding use onboard
  • Watertight connection of welding cable
  • Provide a quick and easy long welding cable management onboard
  • Outlets in possible gas danger areas may be disconnected when not in use