Product information


• Tested in accordance with IP23, making it suitable for outdoor use

• Has high resistance to dust and moisture

• Performs recommended cut of 20mm at cutting speed of 500mm/min and quality cut of 25mm at cutting speed of 250mm/min

• Built-in Total Protection (TP) function to protect machine against phase loss from incoming input power supply

• Equipped with Intelligent Voltage Reading (IVR) function to indicate the end of life for plasma consumables

• Equipped with Part In Place (PIP) function to warn if plasma consumables are not correctly mounted on the torch

• Self-regulation of input supply enables cutting to occur far from the distribution panel, with extension cable of 50m from a 400V 3ph input


The UPC-NEO NG provides superior cutting quality and versatility when compared to the traditional oxy-fuel cutting process. Users can cut a wide range of electrically conductive steels such as mild and stainless steels, castings, aluminium, titanium as well as copper alloys, and achieve lesser distortion and a smaller Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ).